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Audubon Nature Institute

Audubon Nature Institute operates ten parks and museums in the New Orleans area dedicated to education and nature, including the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium just a very short distance down Canal Street as well as the spectacular Audubon Aquarium of the Americas on the Mississippi River waterfront a ten minute walk away.

Creole Queen

The Creole Queen, a paddle-wheel steamer, docks on the Mississppi, about a ten to twelve minute walk down Canal Street.  Opportunities to cruise the River in style during the day or evening are generally available.  Check it out.

What to expect from the weather

October is the sunniest and driest month of the year in subtropical New Orleans, an ideal time to visit.  Historically, the fourth week of the month has seen daytime temperatures generally ranging to 80F and nightime temperatures falling to a range around 60⁰ – 65⁰ F.  On average, it rains at some point on one day in four during the month.